Basic Information

The Black Turmeric plant grows well in fertile, well drained, sandy or pebbly, loamy soil that is moist and doesn’t need much Cancer.
Black Turmeric is propagated through its rhizomes. Click here to view Black Turmeric Images

Plant Identification

Black Turmeric Leaves bear a purplish-black line unlike other Turmeric Plants.

Scientific Classification

Property Value
Botanical Name Curcuma Caesia
English Name Black Turmeric
Hindi Name Nar Kachura
Family Zingiberaceae
Chemical Constituents
Camphor 28%
ar-turmerone 12%
ar-curcumene 7%
1,8-cineole 5%
borneol 4%
Flesh Colour Bluish White
Taste Bitter

Plant Parts


Rhizomes of Black Turmeric is Tuberous in Nature and is most commercial part of Black Turmeric. Its Constituents are given above. It smells like camphor.
Due to this there is a rumour about Black Turmeric that it can ignite a camphor piece on contact. Several Youtube Videos are also
available regarding this.Rhizomes Cork is light to dark brown in Colour. Rhizomes are used in Cultivation and is similar to other Turmerics.


Flower is white with pink borders.Calyx is 10-15 mm long, obtuse and 3 toothed. Corolla is long tubular, pale yellow lip-3 lobe
semi- elliptic. It has very high medicinal value.


Black Turmeric leaves are elongated oval in shape. They bear a Black line unlike other turmerics, which is generally used for its


Medicinal Uses

  • Black Turmeric For Lungs Illness

    Black Turmeric is very useful in Lungs related problems like Pneumonia, ashtama and bronchitis. Black Turmeric juice can be taken to remove cough.

  • Black Turmeric for Cancer.

    It is scientifically proven that Curcumin helps in many ways in fighting Cancer and Black Turmeric contains 7% Curcumin.
    When Black Turmeric is paired with Chemotherapy, not only it boosts in negating Cancer Cells, But also decreases the Ill
    effects of Chemotherapy.

  • Black Turmeric for Osteoarthritis

    Paste made from Black Turmeric and intake of Black Turmeric Pulp can be very beneficial in Osteoarthritis Pains.

  • Black Turmeric for Sugar Weight Control.

    Black Turmeric helps in breaking down Dietary Fat in our body. Black Turmeric also decreases risk of developing Insulin immunity.

  • Black Turmeric for Menstrual related issues.

    Black Turmeric can be used for menopauses, leucorrhea or menstual pains.

  • Black Turmeric for Skin

    Black Turmeric is beneficial to skin and is used in diseases such as leaukodermia.
    Black Turmeric can cure Itchy Skins as it have strong Anti-Inflammatory Property.
    Even Lip Balms are made from Black Turmeric pulp.

    Black Turmeric as Natural Oxidant

    Black Turmeric has very strong Anti-Oxidant Properties. When Black Turmeric is taken in moderation
    can help in aging related issues.

  • Black Turmeric as Anti-Inflammatory

    Black Turmeric For Colitis

    Black Turmeric can be used to decrease Inflammation in Colon. It also decreases the pain. Black Turmeric Powder
    can be used twice a day after meal with luke-warm milk sweetened with honey.

  • Black Turmeric as Pain killer

    Black Turmeric is very useful in supressing pains.

    Black Turmeric for ToothAche

    Black Turmeric is very useful in Toothache. Tincture or Fresh Rhizome of Black Turmeric can be used to suppress the pain.

    Black Turmeric For Stomach Ailments

    Black Turmeric is very useful for people suffering from Stomach related problems.
    Roots of the Curcuma caesia are grounded into powder and used water to treat gastric disorder.
    It can be also taken for Vomiting and Stomach Pain.

  • Black Turmeric for Insect related problems

    Presence of Burneol makes Black Turmeric a Great Insect Repellant.

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