Ginger cultivation in Bihar is very successful due to market availability, suitable weather and soil and subsidized seed available through I.C.A.R and different NGO. India is largest Ginger producing country and in International market, Indian Ginger is considered to be best.

Why do Ginger Commercial Cultivation?

Ginger is an important cash crop of India, commercially grown for its rhizome. Ginger is used as spice and medicine. It is marketed in different form such as raw ginger rhizome, dried ginger rhizomes, bleached dry ginger rhizomes, ginger beer, ginger powder, ginger paste for cooking, oleoresin ( Ginger Oil), ginger flakes, ginger candy etc.

India is largest Ginger producing country followed by China, Nigeria and Bangladesh. India is one for the major Ginger cultivating countries, others are Nepal, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh etc. Asian countries are major exporter of Ginger and Japan & USA are major importer.

China is largest exporter followed by India. India exports ginger mostly in form of Whole or dry Ginger. In international market, Indian Ginger is also known as Calicut Ginger or Cochin Ginger. Indian Ginger is considered to be best in International Market. India also hold most of international market share in Oleoresin and Oil trade.

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