Elephant Foot Yam

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In Bihar, it is used in oil curry, oil bharta or chokha, pickles, and chutney. Oral chutney is also called Barabara chutney” as it has mango, ginger, and oil in equal quantities, hence the name barabar (meaning “in equal amount”)

In West Bengal, these yams are eaten fried or in yam curry. The plant body of elephant foot yam is also eaten in West Bengal as a green vegetable called Bengali:ol shaak”

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In last 23 Years I have supplied Elephant Foot Yam Seeds to more than 23 Government Bodies including Central Tuber Crop Research Institute Trivandrum and 68 NGOs

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Elephant Foot Yam Sizes and Variants

Zero Size Elephant Foot YamSeeds25gr – 50gr3 Tons
Seed Production Elephant Foot YamSeeds<100gr3 Tons
Export Production Elephant Foot YamSeeds<500gr16 Tons
Export Elephant Foot YamTuber1500gr – 3000gr32 Tons
Elephant Foot Yam TuberTuber1000gr+60 Tons
Elephant Foot Yam SeedsSeeds1000gr+80 Tons
Elephant Foot Yam PowderindustrialN/a5 Tons
Last Updated on 12 December 2020

Year after Year fulfilling Best quality OalI have earned name of Oalchoudhary. Now Its not just a name, Its a brand in Tuber Seed Market.

In last 23 years I have been conferred Udyan Ratan, awarded 3 National Medals , full length documentary by public broadcasting channel and many other awards and recognition.

Recognised and awarded by Government, Accepted by farmers.

With Udyan Ratan, 3 National Medal, many state and NGO awards and Documentary by public broadcasting channel, my walls are decorated with recognition and trust I have earned in last 23 farm life.

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