Elephant Foot Yam

Buy Seeds of Suran(jimikand) of sizes below 100 grams, below 500 grams, 500-1000grams and 1kg-5kg.

Elephant Foot Yam Seeds

Gajendra variety is one of the most popular variety. Its anti itch property gives it market demand and 60 ton per hectare yield fulfills the supply.

  • Grows in hot and humid climate with well distributed rainfall.
  • Requires approximately 1 ton of seed per acre and yields 60 ton per hectare.

Elephant Foot Yam for Export

We supply Elephant Foot Yam (Suran) of size and specification as per your requirement.

  • 8 Different size tubers.
  • Durable packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cultivate Suran in Madhya Pradesh?

Suran (Elephant Foot Yam) can be cultivated in well drained and preferably loamy soil with ph value ranging 5.5 to 7.2. If your soil has these, you can do Suran cultivation.

How much seed I require for one acre?

Though seed quantity depends on farming technique too, approx one ton or thousand kilograms of Elephant Foot Yam seed is required for farming in one acre.

Does this variety itch after eating?

No, Rajendra Variety of Elephant Foot Yam doesn’t itch after eating.