Rajendra Sonia Turmeric is one of best turmeric and has highest curcumin percentage. Its yield capacity is 450 quintol per hectare. Cultivation of turmeric requires one ton of rhizomes per acre. Rajendra Sonia is Famous for its deep yellow colour as its curcumin percentage is 8.4. Curcumin is a yellow compound with many medicinal properties. Being high in Curcumin makes this variety efficient for curcumin extraction. One requires only 50% comparatively powder while making any dish. For ex if one requires two teaspoon of turmeric for a curry, he will require only one teaspoon if he is adding Rajendra Sonia Turmeric. Pictures of Fresh Rhizomes are shown here.

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Benefits of Turmeric

Khammam Farmer gets higher yields by Rajendra Sonia Turmeric