Rajendra Sonia Turmeric Vs Salem Turmeric


Turmerics are most commercial spice of all. We offer four types of turmeric, Yellow Turmeric, Black Turmeric (kala haldi), White Turmeric and Mango Ginger(aama haldi) and in 3 forms, seeds dried rhizome and powders.

Queen of Spices: Yellow Turmeric

Rajendra Sonia Variety of Turmeric has highest Curcumin and with an acquired taste making it a great commercial alternative to popular turmeric varieties

Yellow Turmerics

Rajendra Sonia Variety has highest curcumin (upto 8.4%) in all Indian Variety of turmerics and has good yield. It is tolerant to many common disease.

  • Grows in hot and humid climate with well distributed rainfall.
  • Requires approximately 1 ton of seed per acre and yields 60 ton per hectare.

Rajendra Sonia Turmeric

Finger Rhizome Seeds

Gives 35-40 Ton of yield per hectare.

Mother Rhizome Seeds

It gives more yield in a an hectare and it produced harvest has higher curcumin.

Dried Rhizome

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Black Turmeric

aka kali haldi or curcuma caesia is has highest curcumin in all varieties of turmeric and is consider to be of high medicinal value.

  • Organic
  • Non GMO

Black Turmeric Products

Dried Rhizomes

Boiled and sundried rhizomes of farm produced black turmeric.


Grinded dried rhizomes for spices and other commercial usage.

Mango Ginger (Aama Haldi)

Mango Ginger finds its place in culinary and in ayurved due to its various usage. It is commercialized in form of powders and dried rhizomes.

White Turmeric

White turmeric is used as an alternative to ginger and in ayurvedic formulations.

  • Scientific name : Curcuma zedoaria


How much Dry Yellow Turmeric We can expect from one acre?

One acre of Rajendra Sonia Variety turmeric cultivation produces about 35-40 Tons of turmeric. Depending on drying technique you can expect a 8-11 ton of dried rhizome.

What is curcumin?

Curcumin is an yellow chemical compound present in turmeric. It gives turmeric its yellow colour and has many medicinal properties.

Does cultivation of yellow turmeric and black turmeric are different?

Overall they are quite same, the planting season, seed treatment, weed management, fertilisers and harvesting time are all same.