White Turmeric

If Ginger Family is crown of Medicinal Herb, Black and White Turmeric are brightest gem.

Mango Turmeric gives you the flavour and aroma never experienced before. Try it as substitute to Aamchur and see it yourself. “

-Archana’s Kitchen

Mango Ginger for Tea

Why should you consider adding Mango Ginger in your tea blend recipe?

Caryophyllene, the most active compound found in mango ginger is also found in abundant in Cannabis Sativa , is known to selectively bind to the CB2 receptor. This unique action makes it perfect for Therapeutic treatment of inflammation, pain , atherosclerosis & osteoporosis. Caryophyllene has also shown to be directly beneficial for colitis, osteoarthritis , cerebral ischemia , diabetes and lever fibroses .

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