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Elephant Foot Yam

We are leader in Elephant Foot Yam Seed and Tuber production. We proudly boast our awards and recognition our innovative elephant foot yam production have received. And now we are helping more than 120 farmer to earn their lost respect.

Yellow Turmeric

Rajendra Sonia Turmeric vs Normal turmeric colour difference

We produce Turmeric seeds for cultivation and dried rhizome and powder for spices, and curcumin extraction of Variety Rajendra Sonia which has the highest curcumin in all Indian variety of Turmeric. We also supply Organic Turmerics.

Rajendra Sonia Turmeric Dried Rhizomes for Export
Rajendra Sonia Turmeric Dried Rhizomes for Export


We cultivate Ginger Seeds (variety : Nadia) with highest per acre yield in all Indian Varieties of Ginger (read here).

Best ginger Buy Bulk


Trusted by several research institutes

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