I offer Turmeric Seeds,High Curcumin Turmeric Rhizomes and Powder, Elephant foot yam seeds and export size yam, Black turmeric and Black ginger.

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Awards and Recognition

I have been awarded with "Udyan Ratan" and Bronze Medal for innovative farming technique and many more awards by Government and NGOs.

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I have fulfilled 30+ government Organisations such as Central tuber crop research institute, Trivandrum and 150+ private projects of Seeds material and spices.

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My Journey

November 25

First prize at Tuber Food Fest 2015 ICAR Kerala

Tuber Food Fest 2015 kerala
January 31

Awarded by Bronze Medal

Bronze Medal
May 30

Conferred with UDYAN RATAN

Udhyan Ratan
December 28

Featured among Indian Genius By The Week Magazine

The man who made Elephant Foot Yam Cultivation fashionable
March 13

Value Addition Leads to ‘no tension agriculture’

Value Addition Leads to 'no tension agriculture'
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September 28

Recognised for innovative agriculture processing of Elephant Foot Yam

innovative agriculture processing elephant foot yam
May 1

Elephant Foot Yam Herbal Usage And Recipes Article in ayurhomeo

Elephant Foot Yam Herbal Usage And Recipes

Our Products

We supply Turmeric seeds for cultivation and dried rhizome and powder for spices, and curcumin extraction of Variety Rajendra Sonia which has the highest curcumin in all Indian variety of Turmeric. We also supply Organic Turmerics.

We Supply Elephant Foot Yam for food and cultivation purposes graded depending on their weight and yielding capacity. Some of our grades is 25-100 grams, 100-500 grams, 1.5 – 3 kilograms (for export in gulf countries) and 1-5 kilograms. We also supply Elephant Foot Yam powder and flower for medicinal purposes.

We supply Black Ginger (Kaempferia Parviflora) seeds, fresh & dried rhizome, and powder.

Black Turmeric header picture

We supply Black Turmeric (Curcuma Caesia) seeds, fresh & dried rhizome, and powder.